Safeer for Plastic Industries

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Safeer IS Egyptian Company for the Trade and Industry of Plastic Products

Safeer Plastic Industry is an Egyptian company with more than 20 years of experience, distinguished by a team of technicians and workers trained at the highest level and on the latest machines. Due to the quality of our products, which are certified with quality certificates
We have become the first supplier of national projects and major companies and clubs all over Egypt. And now, the ambition of the Safir Company has no limits, as it has crossed its products to the Arab and African countries and is on its way to penetrate the rest of the world’s continents. We seek to have our products present in all stores of the world through the satisfaction of our customers, which is the way to excellence and spread inside and outside.

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Tenth of Ramadan, the third industrial zone
– 5 Mahmoudia Towers, Teraat El Zomor Street – El Haram

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01116669563- 01100427345 – 01120944279

01094004024 Export

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from Saturday to Thursday